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Two Male Cardinals

Village of Cardinal

Situated  along the northern banks of the  St. Lawrence river , between Iroquois to the east  and  Prescott to the west, is the "Seaway Village of Cardinal ".  Now popular
with scuba diving  enthusiasts, who scout the  sunken ship Conestoga , Cardinal
the home of CASCO or Canada Starch Co. as it  was previously called.  To the west
in Prescott is Fort Wellington , historic military fort built to defend Canada from a potential
attack by the U.S.
   Guests can also visit Prehistoric World ,  an educational museum
with over fifty exhibits of   prehistoric animals, located a few km. east of the village.
The bridge  crossing the St. Lawrence to  New York State is  also nearby,
in Johnstown,  west of  Cardinal .  Accommodations in the area include Bed and
as   well as hotel and motel if  visitors choose to stay overnight.

Everything is in the name?
What's in a Name Cardinal?

Preeminent Cardinal

New World   song bird of the bunting family, with a stout bill and typically with a conspicuous crest. The male is partly or mostly red in color.

Thesaurus  describes meaning of the word Cardinal as:
of the greatest importance; fundamental : two cardinal points must be borne in mind.

Also metaphor or allegory Cardinal usually is associated describing:
Fundamental, Basic, Main, Chief, Primary, Crucial, Pivotal, Prime, Principal, Paramount, Preeminent, Highest, Key, Essential.

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